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While some real estate agents with many years of experience may do just fine due to referrals and a network they have built over the years, having your own Web Presence and using targeted Social Networking is crucial to get a foothold with today's buyers and sellers.

SmartRealtor gets you started and is all about getting your properties listed on as many platforms as possible. SmartRealtor takes away the complexity of ever-changing technologies and lets you focus on managing and meeting your leads.

No Development, Technical Skill, Expensive Setup Required!

Just Be Your Own Portal

Optimized for tablets, mobile devices and integrated SEO, SmartRealtor provides all the tools for your Digital Internet Marketing needs.



Made for the Web

Take SmartRealtor - One Platform - Rich Set of Tools

With SmartRealtor, real estate agents and agencies are finally given a cost-effective alternative to run their own full fledged, customizable and database driven property website rivaling those of commercial retail real estate portals at a fraction of the cost.

SmartRealtor's integrated tools simplify a real estate agent's daily tasks. Property listings are maintained at One Place, the agent's own website. Unlike other portals you may have signed up, you are in full control of what gets listed on your website.

It has never been easier to run your own property portal. The built-in content management system (CMS) was specifically designed for real estate agents wishing to have their own web presence and reducing their dependency on property portals for their property advertising. Websites can be up and running within an day. No special skills required.

Property Listing management is at the core of SmartRealtor and we made sure to cover all angles of it. We help you to create high quality listings and keep track of discussions, meetings or agreements you reached with owners or customers. To each property you can add notes. Enquiries are saved in your own inbox and customers can easily be added to your contacts and exported as vCards.

Social Media Marketing is a key component in any successful business. Marketing your property through social media is a must. SmartRealtor simplifies the process to the point where properties, news etc, are automatically posted to personal Facebook or Twitter fan pages created for each account. Any visitor to your social media page is re-directed to your own website or property listing

Email Marketing is a powerful tool to advertise your properties, brand and services. It allows you to stay in touch with your customers and let them know of that new property you’ve just got. Our own Marketing Mailer with a drag-and-drop campaign builder allows you to easily create eye catching campaigns and the built-in real-time reporting tells you who is reading your mails and follows your links.

SmartRealtor’s PDF creations are second to none and will impress. Professionally designed templates for property flyers, brochures or catalogs are easy to create and customize. The next time you have a viewing appointment or OpenHouse viewing, print out a catalog with up to a 100 properties or bring along a few brochures of properties in the neighborhood.

A built in Calendar module allows you to schedule property viewings, OpenHouse events or any other type of meeting or appointment. Events can be scheduled directly from received enquiries with all the details of the property and customer.SmartRealtor will send out emails and push notifications to your mobile the day before to remind you of upcoming appointments.

Search engines, like Google, refine their algorithms constantly. SmartRealtor provides out of the box Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is fine-tuned constantly. With the built-in Google Analytics tools you can keep track of your visitors and may even adjust SEO settings yourself. Every page can be adjusted individually to give you full control of your SEO.

Collaborate with your fellow real estate professionals. SmartRealtor's Co-Listing features allow for easy cross-listing of properties across their websites. Our Container feature goes one step further and allows multiple real estate agents to create their own portals by linking their personal websites to a container. Containers are ideal for agencies with 100s of agents or 1000s of listings.

SmartRealtor's Developer module allows developers to engage and enlist agents to sell their properties. Developers provide the content and have control over who can assess the information. Project microsites can be injected into agents' websites automatically without the need for agents to create their own content. Agents can modify their copy to their needs and list projects as their own.

Collaboration - Container Sites - Property Portals

SmartRealtor allows individual agents (accounts) to link up and collaborate. Agents can exchange / cross post their properties via the co-listing feature. Individual agents can work together and create a group website / portal via our container feature and up-share content such as property listings, news, staff profiles, testimonials to the container website.

Collaboration - Container Sites - property Portal

Customized Solutions

SmartRealtor comes with, pre-installed, ready to use templates that can be fully customized via our internal content management system.

For agents or agencies who wish to incorporate their own ideas, features and designs into their real estate website, our team of experts will work closely with you and implement your website in a timely manner.


For creative branding we offer custom Home (Landing) Page development for a given template. Inner pages will be color matched.

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Custom Theme

A custom theme will be developed according to a customer's specifications. Custom themes are implemented to work with SmartRealtor's existing content management system (CMS)

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Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing experts will work with you on strategies covering Social Media, SEO, PPC that will help drive customers to your site and build your brand and reputation.

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Mobile Apps

SmartRealtor provides a Mobile App framework that can be customized for agencies. These apps will allow agencies to push notifications to their agents.

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Custom Solutions

We specialize in systems integration and can work with IT departments of agencies to link SmartRealtor to internal systems via APIs. We also offer Database Sync solutions and WordPress Plugins and Themes

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Developer Advertising

Property developers are given a platform to engage with and enlist agents to sell their properties. Create custom websites for each new launch, combine them with a library of projects and share project information with agents you enlist.

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Our Standard SmartRealtor Agent Packages

Basic Standard Pro50 Pro100 Pro200 Pro500 Pro1000
Setup (One Time) 1 USD 200 USD 300 USD 300 USD 300 USD 300 USD 300
Monthly 2 Free USD 15 USD 30 USD 40 USD 50 USD 75 USD 100
Concurrent Listings 20 30 50 100 200 500 1000
Email Quota (MailBlast) N/A N/A 1,000/mo 1,000/mo 2,000/mo 3,000/mo 5,000/mo
Own Domain 3 No (Shared) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Own Mailbox 1GB No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Webhosting Included Included Included Included Included Included Included
Support 4 Email Email Email Email Email Email Email

1 Waived for 3 years signup, 50% for 2 years contract
2 Billed annually
3 Domain not included
4 Standard Support via SmartRealtor control panel support forms. Premier Support available: Phone, WhatsApp, USD 500/year.

All SmartRealtor Packages contain over 30 Real Estate Features

  • Content Management System CMS
  • Open House notice
  • Google Map
  • Google Street View
  • Loan Calculator
  • Image Editors
  • SEO Optimized
  • Custom per-page SEO
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Detailed Agent Profiles
  • Multi Currencies
  • 30+ Widgets
  • Flyer, Brochure, Catalog Creation
  • Email Marketing with reports
  • 360 image support
  • Direct Video Uploads
  • YouTube, External  Virtual tours
  • Contacts management
  • Event / Viewing Calendar
  • Property Notes
  • Google Analytics
  • Co-Listing with other agents
  • Linking of accounts
  • Enquiry Forms
  • 360 Tours
  • Re-Watermarking features
  • Personal Mailbox (own domain)
  • Custom Web Pages
  • Blog and News Section
  • Feedback Forms
  • News Letter Subscriptions
  • and much more…

Agencies – Group Containers – Property Portals

Are you planning to run a Property Portal? Do you need an Agency Portal for 100s of Agents? Are you a group of collaborating Real Estate Agents who need a neutral listing portal? SmartRealtor's Container feature will help you to do just that. Containers offer all the standard features without the property listings. SmartRealtor agents with their own websites link up to containers, share their properties, news or profiles. The Container controls the shared containers. We have used this feature to link over 3,000 agents to an agency portal.

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About BluWebMedia

The core team of BluWebMedia was at the forefront of the internet revolution. Starting in the mid 90s with a background in financial systems we developed primarily for financial firms writing trading systems, worked in financial data analysis or helping banks with their online presence. Since then we were involved in numerous other projects and developed complex mobile apps over the past couple of years. We embraced open source technologies from the start and our products are mostly built on it.

With a core development team of 10 developers, SmartRealtor was in the making for two years. SmartRealtor is used by agents and agencies alike all-over South East Asia. Since then we have grown to a team of 30 dedicated and highly motivated developers, SEO and digital marketing specialists.

With all that said, it is important for us to point out that BluWebMedia is first and foremost an independent and privately-owned Technology Company specializing in Property Portals or applications related to the real estate business. We have no vested interest in dealing with properties nor are we in any way owned by or have investments from property portals.

SmartRealtor Client Gallery

SmartRealtor is being used by single agents, mid to large size agencies ranging from a few to over 3,000 real estate agents as well as property portals and property developers. Here are some samples. Contact us today and get your website up tomorrow.

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